Assess & Diagnose Your Profitable Growth Practices

Profitable Growth An objective, unbiased, detached evaluation of your company’s current practices, your owner’s vision and its impact on growth from a smaller business growth expert. Duration: 3-5 days.

You can expect to:

  • Make better informed decisions about your company’s next steps for profitable growth
  • Better understand your vision, position and patterns for profitable growth as compared to thousands of other smaller successful business owners
  • Determine if your current business path is leading to profitable growth
  • Identify your company’s patterns for profitable growth

Assess & Diagnose Profitable Growth Practices Video Click Here This is a perfect for you and your company if you:

  • Are in the investigative and inquiry stage whether you’re on the right track for profitable growth for your company
  • Want a smaller business growth expert’s review and analysis of your company’s current practices
  • Want a quick analysis of your own, and your company’s, profitability patterns
  • Want an assessment of your vision, as owner, for profitability as compared to other smaller business owners
  • Are looking for a low-cost entry to working with Andy Birol and Birol Growth Consulting

“Andy Birol has a unique and exciting way of making you look at things you are doing well and focusing on things you could be doing better in the future, and taking these to the market."
Ray Andrews, Business Deposits Plus

This option is not a good fit for you if you:

  • Are just “thinking about” your company’s profitable growth patterns and it’s premature to devote quality time or resources at this time
  • Feel your company is in a tail-spin and you need immediate intervention
  • Want a more detailed analysis and review of your company, target customers and marketplace
  • Need a company-wide growth assessment of your products and services, pricing structures, marketing channels, and marketing strategies
  • Need multiple facilitated full day sessions on sales, customer service and marketing channel strategies

What’s involved

  • Review of your company’s customer service, finances, historical patterns, and sales and marketing
  • Interview of executive team to assess company’s current practices
  • Identify patterns from company’s history and interviews
  • Your personal owner’s BGC Growth Assessment
  • Review and analyze company’s existing research

What you’ll receive

  1. BGC executive summary of 3-7 major findings
  2. Your Owner’s BGC Growth Assessment report comparing your assessment of your company to other smaller business owners
  3. Facilitated half day session of key findings with company’s executive team
  4. Statement of your business’ Best and Highest Use from an internal perspective
  5. Proposal of suggested next steps towards sustainable profitable growth

You can discuss, clarify and reserve by contacting Andy at 412.973.2080: Payment can also be arranged by check, credit card or taking advantage of a prepayment discount.

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