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Things were not always so clear. Bob's experience as a member of a team at larger agencies made him a master of his craft but did not necessarily prepare him for some of the challenges involved with going it alone. He needed some coaching and advice to turn his business from that of a sub-optimized practitioner into a growing, profitable boutique agency. "In the greatest valley of my life, Andy brought me to my greatest value in business. He recognized that I, like many business owners, was adept at my craft, but did not know how to run a business. The way he did this was to adapt to the technique that would work for me. I am a very strong-willed person. He met my strength head on, for which I am grateful."

Show Time Advertising and Public Relations is a sole proprietorship and home-based business that helps company owners to tell their stories and to get heard through local and national media. It is owned and operated by Robert Fruchter, a public relations veteran who broke out on his own after years with other agencies. Today, Bob sees the role of his company as "getting clients into print and electronic media" and his business and decisions "have come full circle and to fruition."

Andy Birol got to know Bob as the individual he is and guided him towards his best and highest use based on the company's story telling abilities. Together, they leveraged this capability onto Internet opportunities and on-line content magazines. On the business side, Andy helped to instill the PACER concepts in Bob:

  • All Prospects are not created equal;
  • Time is valuable -- spend it wisely;
  • Charge for value.;
Those were all behaviors and attitudes Bob needed to internalize and project to his growing staff. "Two issues Andy helped me with dramatically were focus (what I want to do, what I should be doing, and how to do it) and value (am I getting paid value for what I am doing?). Andy not only responds to my thoughts, but is a creative, innovative coach."

By all projections, 2003 will be a record year. Bob is providing employment for many subcontractors and opportunities for those interested in the business. Most importantly, he has accomplished this while maintaining his Christian values and his top priority of raising his son while operating a home-based business. Despite many personal and business challenges, Bob is ever more focused on his business and the prospects he sees for its continued growth. "During this process, Andy identified an Achilles heel which I never recognized, but now that I recognize it is easily overcome." But, Bob is most eager to share the enthusiasm Andy brings to projects and clients. "I have been successful because I have been passionate about what I do. I had lost that passion; he helped me find it again in spades. Passion is the critical word in this relationship and in my going forward in business. I think it is for any business owner."

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