WinPro Industries, Inc. Records A 300 Percent Increase In Revenue Through PACER Process

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WinPro Industries, Inc. is a job shop that does precision machining of stainless steel parts. They employ half a dozen employees in Mantua, Ohio. Andrew Zahuranec, president of the company, had one main business account that gave the company all the work they could handle, so the company was essentially dedicated entirely to that one account. In 1997, their customer pulled the machining function in-house and left WinPro with no stable customer base. As a highly specialized service to a rather narrow high-end market, it would take time to create new business relationships. But zero business overnight would not keep the company going for long. "I was about ready to close the shop," Zahuranec said.

Zahuranec found Andy Birol fortuitously when his parents ran into Andy in a restaurant and obtained his business card. That was Zahuranec's first lesson in the benefits of networking. Birol's ability to promote himself was his initial example. Birol came to the shop to study the company situation and interviewed the heads of several small accounts WinPro had accumulated. From his findings, he began to define a business plan and marketing plan to re-establish customer contacts. He helped them create a direct mail campaign: a mailing list, cover letter and promotional piece, and telephone follow up. "Andy made us get out of our comfort zone. He basically said, regardless of what you want to do, this is what you have to do."

Andy Birol used his funnel approach, narrowing the company to its best use and focusing on which customers would want and need stainless steel custom machining service. The company found itself more motivated when sales began to pick up based on the very tightly narrowed potential customer list they had compiled and began to target through the direct mail campaign. Andy continuously coached Zahuranec to improve his networking skills in social situations. That word of mouth has made a big difference. The company -notably Zahuranec - has gained newfound confidence and is getting accounts it would not have even thought within its realm a few years ago.

"In just a short time my sales went from pitiful to a 300 percent increase in one year," said Zahuranec. Formerly a very private individual, Zahuranec has learned how to promote his business during social and business events. "Andy is someone I can share my successes and defeats with and he will refocus me. He is someone who can give input and vision and focus and get me back on track." WinPro is now going after business they once shied away from-even the aerospace field. Recently Zahuranec met with a client to hear what they had to say about the work his company did. He is no longer afraid of feedback, and attributes that to Andy Birol's straightforward consultation. "He may tick you off at times, but when he leaves, you know he was right."

More Case Studies

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