1. Don’t Wait in ’08
2. Reconciling Consistency with Adaptation in Antarctica
3. Putting Public Relations to Work for Your Business
4. Consultants, Lawyers, and Owners: Working Together?

1. Don’t Wait in ’08

Last week, in my first speech of 2008, I asked my business-owning audience: "Who’s already started a new project or way to grow your business?" Not surprisingly, few volunteered. I see too many owners start each year off by redoubling their efforts to make the same things generate different results. Don’t wait until the year is half over to make your fresh start?

Need some inspiration? Read the following topics or take advantage of my Get There® Phone Diagnosis

Don’t Wait in ’08!


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2. Reconciling Consistency with Adaptation: In Antarctica, on a Cruise Ship or in Your Business

I’m back from a twenty day cruise on the Holland America Line’s Rotterdam (HAL) where my family sailed by Antarctic glaciers, explorer’s outposts and penguin colonies. Besides the hazardous grandeurs deftly navigated by our ice pilot, I saw a fascinating contradiction. The crew and staff of HAL worked nonstop to create a consistent onboard experience while the Antarctic researchers we saw spent all their time adapting to survive as they studied how the climate, nature and animals themselves are adapting. In watching this, it occurred to me how often we entrepreneurs struggle with these same conflicting forces of the need for consistency vs. the need to adapt.

Click here to learn how explorers, cruise lines and your business can balance consistency with adapting to change.

3. BGC Strategy of the Month: Putting Public Relations to Work for Your Business

Recently, Kathryn Landers of Felber & Felber Marketing interviewed me on public relations and how knowledge businesses can best plan, use and profit from PR

Andy, how do you define public relations?

I think of PR as falling into three categories: Reactive, Active and Proactive

Click here to learn how to put public relations to work for your business

4. Consultants, Lawyers and Owners: Working Together?

Ed Poll Interviews Andy Birol, business growth consultant and author of The Five Catalysts of Seven Figure Growth

Ed Poll and I discuss how attorneys can best impact the business clients they advise and how the attorney can best work together with the client’s team of consultants and other experts

About Andy

Builder of Best & Highest Use

A consultant, coach, author, and speaker, Andy Birol is a nationally recognized leader in the field of business growth. Based on interviewing over 5,000 businesses, Andy Birol, author of The Five Catalysts of Seven Figure Growth (CareerPress, 2006), has advised over 350 business owners and is an expert contributor to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN’s Dollar Signs, Entrepreneur, Business Week, and Inc. Magazine. By averaging a $100,000 impact on each of his clients, Andy has had a $35 million impact on the economy. MSN and StartupNation have recognized BGC as a Top Financial Performer in their Home Based 100 Awards.

By focusing on the role of the owner as the "fuel" that drives a firm, Andy speaks to hundreds of groups of entrepreneurs on six continents, helping thousands to determine how they want to Get There, clarify or discover their Best and Highest Use® and achieve sustained and profitable growth. He coaches and consults with owners in three areas:

  1. Accelerating the growth of their companies.
  2. Extending growth during ownership and management succession.
  3. Refocusing on growth through intervention services.

Andy holds an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School and a BSBA summa cum laude from Boston University’s School of Management. His own company, Birol Growth Consulting, won four Weatherhead 100 Awards as Northeast Ohio’s fastest growing single-employee business and 34th fastest growing company of any size. He was also recognized by Inside Business Magazine, which awarded him The Team NEO Success Award for 2005 and 2007. The author of five books, Andy lives in Solon, Ohio and is available at (440) 349-1970 or

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