The Best and Highest Business News®
Volume 9, Number 3
March 28, 2007


  1. New York Times highlights Andy's research and analysis of family business succession
  2. Holcombs Educational Resources opens Knowville with a special preview for BGC newsletter subscribers
  3. BGC Inspires Ryan Gerber of V2V Design to Help Clients Turn Their Vision into Visibility
  4. Upcoming "10 at 10" Events: Celebrating Ten Years of Helping Business Owners Grow Their Best and Highest Use®. For BGC Clients Only

Dear Friends, Clients, and Colleagues,

This 99th consecutive monthly newsletter contains major news of my clients innovation, investment, and success as well as national reporting of my work. In this spring season how will your business sprout and bloom? Please share your growing news by clicking here:

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1. New York Times highlights Andys research and analysis of family business succession

New York Times highlights and Crains reports coverage of Andys research and analysis of family business succession. Click here for full coverage and click here to read how Crains reported the NYT story.

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2. Holcombs Educational Resources opens Knowville with a special preview for BGC newsletter subscribers

In 2005, Holcombs Education Resource, a 135 year old Cleveland retailer and distributor of childrens educational products, supplies, and toys, hired Birol Growth Consulting to help grow its business beyond its traditional base. After defining its best and highest use as enriching the lives of children and following extensive focus groups, concept development and facility construction, Holcombs is introducing Knowville, the place for Playing, Learning, Growing, Together. Holcombs Knowville is a completely interactive community where school age children are the citizens.

This year-round city of imagination is an educational environment emphasizing creativity and life skills. In this new facility there is a unique after school program, evening classes, weekend events, community days, birthday parties, and summer camp. Enrollment for Knowvilles summer camp "The Summer of Imagination" is also starting now. Summer Camp activities will incorporate all the areas of Knowville: Mad Science Lab, Knowville News, Theater, Fitness, Restaurant, Library and more!

Holcombs Chairman and CEO, Paul Culler says, "Knowville is a wonderful answer for every parents desire to enhance their childs growth and core creativity in our high-tech, stressed-out world. And Andy Birols guidance and creativity in conceiving Knowville with me and my team was instrumental in our moving Holcombs out of its comfort zone and into starting this exciting new business division."

Knowvilles first location officially opens on April 28, 2007 on 701 Beta Drive in Mayfield Village, OH. However.subscribers to this newsletter are invited to a special sneak peek event on Sunday, April 15th. Admission is free for your whole family! Hours are 12:00 - 6:00 p.m.; come for a day of on-going festivities: arts & crafts, science experiments, raffles, central play park fun and even preschool activities in separate play pond area! Call 440-460-1610 by Wednesday, April 11th to reserve your spot.

To learn more about this exciting concept, and perhaps make one of your children a Knowville Citizen, click on here (or or call 1-877-KNOWVILLE.

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3. BGC Inspires Ryan Gerber of V2V Design to Help Clients Turn Their Vision into Visibility

Challenge: For Ryan Gerber of V2V Design (, returning to Ohio after running a successful California business was all about work. When Gerber left the sunny coast to help out a family business, he also left the graphic design firm he had founded. A few years later, he wanted back in. "Im a designer by schooling, by heart, and by trade," he said, "and I wanted to bring my company back to life in Ohio." The question was, could he equal his success here in the Rust Belt-or, perhaps, even surpass it? Specifically, Ryan came back to incorporate and compliment a stronger "design" into his fathers company.

In 1996, while living in California, Ryan Gerber created a unique approach to design based on "five essential principles." In addition to the standard three principles of design-harmony, balance, and rhythm-he added "culture" and "chaos" as a way to communicate to clients how a design would respect the culture it served and communicate organized information accordingly. Based on these principles, Gerber founded a company called 5design, which did very well. Then, in 2003, he was called to Ohio to help run the family business. "I didnt have time to devote to [5design]," he said. "I dissolved the California Corporation with the intention to reestablish it, at some point, as a sole-proprietorship in Ohio." After the family business was restructured, Gerber wanted to return to graphic design. "But it was important that I not go to market like every other firm," he said. "With graphic design, everyone looks different on the surface, but underneath its the same message of We have great taste, or We have a process that were going to put you through. Neither message deals with what clients need."

Gerber had met Andy Birol during the restructuring of his familys business, and the two became friends. "When I got serious about reviving my company," he said, "it seemed natural to present the idea to Birol. After we dissected the true outcome I provide to customers, everything became clear. Birol has a gift for seeing angles that are not easily seen internally and continually keeps you on track by reiterating and focusing on your Best and Highest Use®. "

The BGC Solution: Click here to read more.

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4. Andys 10 Year Client Celebration Continues: April and Mays Special Events are Announced

This coming spring features many exciting BGC client events continuing my celebration of your success and my 10 years in business. Please click here to read more.

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About Andy

Builder of Best & Highest Use

A consultant, coach, author, and speaker, Andy Birol is a nationally recognized leader in the field of business growth. Based on interviewing over 5,000 businesses, Andy Birol, author of The Five Catalysts of Seven Figure Growth (CareerPress, 2006), has advised over 350 business owners and is an expert contributor to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNNs Dollar Signs, Entrepreneur, Business Week, and Inc. Magazine. By averaging a $100,000 impact on each of his clients, Andy has had a $35 million impact on the economy.

By focusing on the role of the owner as the "fuel" that drives a firm, Andy speaks to hundreds of groups of entrepreneurs on six continents, helping thousands to determine how they want to Get There, clarify or discover their Best and Highest Use® and achieve sustained and profitable growth. He coaches and consults with owners in three areas:

  1. Accelerating the growth of their companies.
  2. Extending growth during ownership and management succession.
  3. Refocusing on growth through intervention services.

Andy holds an MBA from Northwesterns Kellogg School and a BSBA summa cum laude from Boston Universitys School of Management. His own company, Birol Growth Consulting, won four Weatherhead 100 Awards as Northeast Ohios fastest growing single-employee business and 34th fastest growing company of any size. He was also recognized by Inside Business Magazine, which awarded him The Team NEO Success Award for 2005 and 2007. The author of five books, Andy lives in Solon, Ohio and is available at (440) 349-1970 or

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