If You’re Stale, You’ll Fail: Recharge Your Best And Highest Use!

Over the years, you and your company have finally mastered solid routines and predictable practices. After making so many mistakes, you really know the causes and effects of what and who works well in your business. Maybe you have even studied organizational theory and see that when your four “Ss:” are working, your company has a healthier, more effective culture. These “S” are your:

  • Staff who bring their talents and experience to work for you

  • Systems by which your work and commitments are accomplished

  • Structure, which allows people to work together to generate your results

  • Salaries, which properly reward everyone for effective, profitable work

But when you look at your company and its impact on its customers, is it still helping resolve their pain, achieve their opportunities and succeed as much as it did? Or, despite continuing to deliver more and more, are your customers paying less and less? Without changing its status quo, will your company deliver and get paid for the kind of value you know it deserves? Or has it lost some of the passion and purpose or worse, is it just surviving?

In these turbulent times, if you feel your firm is just going through the motions, your customers, employees and vendors most surely feel the same. If so, you must revive your firm by recharging its Best and Highest Use (BHU).

The concept of Best and Highest Use is simple. It is what you and your firm

  • Like doing

  • Are good at doing

  • Have been valued by your market for doing

Where do you start? Answer these four questions and put your company back on track.

  1. What do you really sell beyond the products and services your website says?

  2. What do your customers really buy from you past what they their purchase orders and buyers demand?

  3. Where are you over-delivering and undercharging for your BHU?

  4. Where are you under-delivering and overcharging for your BHU?

With objective answers from your staff and customers, you can return to what you should be doing, who you should be doing it for, and for what outcome your customers need. Simply do so, and you will recharge your Best and Highest Use!

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