Seek Shelter from Your Storm: Reach Out to Alliances in Tough Times

As the impact of our economic crisis has deepened and rolled through your business, you may be having your share of dark days. If so it can be especially tough to keep pushing forward. From consoling your employees, staving off your vendors and dogging your late-paying customers, every day can be a challenge. It is not whining to admit that there is palpable fear, great distrust and lack of self-confidence throughout our business world.

So how can you sell new services and products to new prospects who don’t even know you or how you do business? One clear ingredient in closing new business is to generate more trust and build confidence with prospects. The more you can help them feel good about themselves, the more likely they are to feel optimistic and confident to take chances and work with you. But beyond your personally selling and guaranteeing your firm’s work, how can you build a bigger reputation when money is tight and most prospects’ minds are more closed than ever? Here’s one easy way.

Take a look at who your customers respect, trust and most of all are still buying from. Examples are their:

  • Professional service providers
  • Associations and trade groups
  • Insurers
  • Key critical customers and vendors

If you want to gain more credibility and trust, consider building new alliances with these constituents of your target prospects. Doing so will help you create trust faster, gaining access sooner and replace their distrust with evidence from people they trust.

So how do you do this?

  • Consider co-sponsoring events, workshops and other supportive gatherings with institutions they have joined.

  • Engage in a letter-writing referral introduction programs with other vendors who serve your target prospects. Make it a win-win by similarly introducing them to prospects you now sell to. Here is a link to a great article laying out just how to do this.

  • Use social networking and marketing such as Linked In, Facebook and Twitter to form and fortify key connections. You have countless opportunities to learn how to connect with and attract the attention of those you seek.

  • Apply for and pursue awards, speaking opportunities and article submissions within the venues and groups your prospects respect.

In tough times, leveraging your credibility by aligning with everyone your prospects trust will create added work for you. The trust you will gain and the time you will save in your sales cycle is worth it.

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