Keeping The Growth Curve Growing: Finding, Keeping, And Growing Customers®

Who is this workshop for?
Geared exclusively for business owners, entrepreneurs and advisors who want to grow their companies in a more consistent, efficient manner and those that are feeling the challenges of today’s local, national or global business environment.

Workshop Description:
Let’s face it, anyone can set up shop and proclaim, “I’m a business owner.” As a business owner, you can shine, survive, fail or struggle to keep hope alive until the next loan payment, customer order or supplier’s credit terms. Running your own firm is an equal-opportunity pathway to great respect and achievement, or to embarrassment, regret and failure. Your conviction, drive passion and potential are vital to the success of your company but they are not enough to sustain your business beyond its early successes.

After identifying your Best and Highest Use (BHU) and your company’s BHU, you must grasp and implement tangible actions to maintain your growth curve. In order to grow you company in a more consistent and efficient manner, you need to apply a systematic process to acquire customers and enhance retention. By using a series of scoring tools that strictly adhere to your target prospect profile, you can create three sales funnels—the Acquisition Funnel, the Retention Funnel and the Development Funnel—that will organize and implement your plan for finding, keeping and growing customers.

Learning Objectives:
In this workshop, attendees will:

  • Identify three things you need to do to grow your business
  • Explore dating, marriage and parenting as metaphors for finding, keeping and growing customers
  • Articulate your target customers’ pain or opportunity that your business can resolve
  • Compare and contrast three sales funnels: Acquisition, Retention and Development Funnels
  • Discuss how to customize each of these sales funnels using your company’s indicators

Once BHU has been identified, business owners need to apply a systematic process to acquiring, retaining and growing customers. This process uses three sales funnels that will help owners organize and implement plans for finding, keeping and growing customers.

Can be customized for a 45-, 60-, 90-minute or three-hour, half-day seminar presented by Andy Birol to help business owners understand that their firm’s success is an outgrowth of their passion, conviction and drive.

This seminar uses a variety of hands-on learning techniques including partner and group activities, collaborative and individual exercises, and audience participation to help owners assess and evaluate their actions as well as their company’s actions, and internalize next steps. Attendee take-aways include several relevant and practical processes as well as an action plan that they can implement immediately.

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