Co-Create & Implement Company Blueprint For Profitable Growth

Profitable Growth Collaboratively diagnose, design, develop and implement a detailed blueprint to create company sustainable profitable growth with smaller business growth expert Andy Birol. Duration: 3-12 months.

You can expect to:

  • Experience immediate results from your new detailed profitable growth blueprint
  • Create and enhance new profitable growth revenue streams
  • Have a new effective strategy and structure for profitable growth
  • Unearth new internal and external resources to help create visible profitable growth and increased marketplace visibility
  • Work collaboratively to determine and implement effective strategies for increased sustainable profitable growth

Creating A Profitable Growth Blueprint This is a perfect way for you and your company to move ahead if you:

  • Are an established smaller business that wants to make sure you are not missing any hidden opportunities for profitable growth
  • Know and believe in investing in your own company’s future and want an outsider’s expertise to help you diagnose, design and implement new strategies for increased sustainable profitable growth
  • Need help not only with assessment and diagnosis but also long-term implementation of a profitable growth blueprint
  • Have tried Andy’s introductory company assessment and diagnosis, achieved preliminary success with his advice and you want to take your company to new profitable growth heights
  • Ready to implement some of Andy’s tried and true smaller business growth practices and want his help with implementation and ongoing coaching

“Working with Andy Birol and Birol Growth Consulting was a highly-productive experience. Andy brought a process to organizing and completing our business development efforts.
~ Jeff Hanson, Acting CEO,

This option is not a good fit for you if you:

  • Are just “thinking about” your company’s profitable growth patterns and it’s premature to devote quality time or resources at this time
  • Are looking for a mid-level investment of your resources and time
  • Unsure you want someone to collaboratively work with you and your team to implement new strategies for profitable growth
  • Are looking for an overview and general assessment of your company’s practices, not a detailed blueprint and action plan
  • Considering a variety of options and don’t want to invest a lot of money until you answer some key strategic questions
  • Looking for low-cost, low-involvement, do-it-yourself system

What’s involved

  • Review of the company’s customer service, finances, historical patterns, and sales and marketing
  • Interview executive team of company’s current practices
  • Identify patterns from company’s history and interviews
  • Interview key sales and marketing staff
  • Shadow key sales team members
  • Personally conduct 10-20 face to face interviews with customers
  • Evaluate company’s products and services, channels, pricing and marketing
  • Analyze company’s target market and buyers
  • Reconcile what company sells with what market buys and values
  • Owner’s personal BGC Growth Assessment
  • Up to five additional BGC Growth Assessment for company’s executive team
  • Review and analyze company’s existing research

What you’ll receive

  1. BGC executive summary of 3-7 major findings
  2. Your Owner’s BGC Growth Assessment report comparing your assessment of your company to other smaller business owners
  3. Five BGC Growth Assessment reports comparing executive team to other smaller business executive team
  4. Facilitated half day session of key findings with company’s executive team
  5. Recommendations of new products and services, pricing, channels and marketing
  6. Current customer matrix
  7. Customer profitability and behavioral analysis
  8. Recommendations on how to grow more profit from current customers
  9. Co-design action plan with executive team based on recommendations
  10. Define organizational structure needs
  11. Define internal and external resources
  12. Co-design, develop and implement with executive team, products and services, channels, pricing, marketing based on recommendations
  13. Ongoing coaching for duration of engagement for you and your executive team
  14. Co-create P&L and forecasts

You can discuss , clarify and reserve by contacting Andy at 412.973.2080: Payment can be arranged by check, credit card or taking advantage of a prepayment discount.

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