Profitable Growth Roundtables & Series

Profitable GrowthWhat is it?
A faciliated peer-to-peer discussion with other business owners and entrepreneurs. Choose one, two or all discussions to offer to your attendees. Click picture to the right to view Andy's video of Roundtable Discussion at COSE Small Business Conference Exhibition. 

Roundtable Discussion Description
Interact with peers, an expert moderator and a clearly connected series of component topics in the Profitable Growth Roundtable Series. The Roundtable Series is a great combination of business growth content, private-peer-only participation and advanced discussion around the key aspects of a business owner’s most important survival to success factors without the commitment of the course curriculum.

Possible Roundtable Topics Include:

  • How customer growth is key to business profitability
  • Identifying and accelerating revenue from your most profitable customers
  • What to do when your buyer and his job disappears
  • Understand customer buying habits to reset your selling methods
  • Branding and differentiation to grow your margins
  • Repackaging your products and services
  • Using existing sales and marketing channels to reach more customers 
  • Creating new sales and marketing channels to reach more customers 
  • Introducing value without introducing cost
  • Doing business without credit
  • Balancing your resources between existing and new customers
  • New findings in profitable growth

Can be customized for a 45-, 60-, 90-minute or three-hour, half-day discussions moderated by Andy Birol to help business owners understand that their firm’s profitable growth is an outgrowth of their passion, conviction and drive.

Contact Andy Birol directly to discuss further.

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