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Simple questions can be the toughest to answer. For example, "What does your business do?"

You could go on for hours, right? Your business does so much—and you know so much about it—that the hardest part of answering is being concise. Yet, smart business owners know the importance of focus and clarity, so you need a quick, clear comeback to this often-asked question. Who knows whether the next casual chat you strike up in an elevator will be with a potential client?

Let's try another question that’s just as crucial. "What is your business goal?"

I’ve asked this of thousands of owners, including myself, and the most common reply is a variation on the following: I just want to get there.

But what, exactly, does "getting there" mean to you?

  • Stability—Never worrying about your business failing.
  • Enjoyment—Only working with great customers and employees.
  • Balance—Growing your company while having time for your family and interests.
  • Meaning—Using your business resources to make a difference.

Most owners I know share one or more of these bedrock goals. The great news is that they are achievable. The trick lies in knowing how to get there from here.

Your path to "getting there" will depend in part on your starting point. Where are you right now?

  • Hoping that a customer’s check clears so your credit line won’t max out and bounce your payroll?
  • Constantly replacing bad employees and customers with ones that aren’t significantly better?
  • Successfully accomplishing your goals while feeling exhausted and alone?
  • ealizing no one inside your business can help you pursue your outside goals?

Even if you are continually putting out fires to the point you can no longer tell the flickers from the infernos … even if you feel reactive rather than proactive … even if your success seems less and less meaningful … with focus and determination, you can still "get there". You just need help.

This is why I am pleased to introduce the first of my new services—the Get There Phone Diagnosis™. In this as-long-as-it-takes private telephone session, you and I will identify your goals, your current status, and the key obstacles in your way.

I am introducing an exciting new service called Get There Phone Diagnosis™. This is a great opportunity to reserve your own personal and confidential “gut check.” Once you have signed up, I will send you a short questionnaire to help you prepare for our conversation. One private telephone diagnosis of your goals, status and obstacles is $399.

Don’t you and your business deserve to take the time to think about where you are and where you are going? I look forward to helping you get there.

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