One-Day Company Diagnosis

With Business Growth Strategist, Andy Birol, at your side, you can ensure that your company is operating on full-throttle and prepared for every economic weather condition possible!

Consider Andy's One-Day Company Diagnosis where Andy reviews and researches your company for signs of health and disease. Andy comes to your company and interviews key executives to gain a better understanding of

  • Your history
  • Products and services your company offers
  • Challenges and opportunities your company faces
  • Your company's areas of expertise
  • Your company's best and highest use and
  • An account of your company's symptoms as experienced by you and your key players.

Andy's review, research and interviews aid in determining:

  • A correct diagnosis
  • A list of potential causes of unwarranted symptoms and
  • Joint development with you of an action plan outline.

This is the perfect fit for those that want an entry-level, low cost trial of Andy`s services and those that don't want to jump into an intense consulting relationship.

Contact Andy today to begin your this entry-level consulting service.

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