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Birol Growth Consulting
April, 2014

Case Study
WK Thomas
 Case Study
 Menard USA
Case Study
 Garland Floor
Case Study
Case Study
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Letter From the Editor: 
Dear Clients, Colleagues & Friends,  

Since 1997 I've written you over 200 monthly newsletters; each full of my ideas, tips and stories to help you run, fix, grow and prepare to sell a business. And who are your fellow readers? Over 1500 own a business and another 2000 subscribers advise business owners. While each group reads my tips, stories and topics to help them run or advise a business, I have noticed they are two emerging points of view amongst my readers. My owners read to gain more conviction and confidence while my advisors read to gain new perspectives guide their clients based on their experience and expertise.

So going forward, I'm launching a new, versioned email series called, "It's Your Business" for business owners and "Your Client's Growth" for business advisors. Each month you will receive your focused version presenting a business topic, tailored for your perspective as an owner or an advisor and, to keep it interesting, will be presented in terms of one of my favorite metaphors for small business; namely, a classic rock band, current news or my world view. In it, you will be challenged to think about a tip, solution or action item you can you can use to improve your business results.

What do you have to do? Nothing. You have been automatically subscribed to either "It's Your Business" or "Your Client's Growth" and can switch, or unsubscribe yourself, as you prefer.

Your support and valuable input over the past 17 years has made all this possible. Look for your new issue starting soon. And, don't will continue to receive this newsletter, which will remain a more general, informational newsletter, with articles, ideas and news on growing your business. Stay tuned!

Yours in Growth,
Shale Business Workshop
May 22, 2014
Topic:  How to Grow Your Business in the Shale Industry
Place:  Atwood Lake Resort
2650 Lodge Rd., SW
Sherrodsville, OH  44675 
For additional information contact Andy Birol. 
ITLMA Conference
May 13, 2014
Keynote Speaker
Place:  Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN
For additional information click here 
or  contact Andy Birol. 

ITLMA Conference
May 14, 2014
Roundtable Discussion
Place:  Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN
For additional information click here 
or  contact Andy Birol. 
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How to know a business owner is about to fall from grace (and what to do about it)
Good, smart people start companies, and they go into business with ambition and a sense of purpose. So, why do some of them make decisions that are painful ...

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5 police strategies that businesses should adopt

You think you have problems? 
Try being a cop. Years ago, I went on a police ride-along in Pittsburgh's highest crime zone. During that Saturday graveyard ...

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4 ways to make your own luck in business

The saying "it's better to be lucky than smart" is often used to describe successful CEOs who aren't necessarily the smartest people in the room.

Despite flopping in the classroom, not coming from money, or not attending a top school, some of these business owners become quite successful.
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Three Ways to Create Profitable Growth 

In the new economy it's clear that the rules have changed. Who are your customers now? What are their new criteria for buying, how can you reach them, and why will they care?
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