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 August, 2011
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:: Letter from the Editor: This Latest Economic Insult: Will You Fight or Fold this Time?
:: Profitable Growth Video: Achieving Your Best and Highest Use®
:: Now That's a Great Question!
:: If The Economy, Is Slowing, Is Your Business Growing?
:: When To Say When: Tips for Investing in Customer Service in a Slow Economy
Letter From The Editor: 
This Latest Economic Insult: Will You Fight or Fold this Time?

Dear Colleagues, Clients and Friends:

Every fall, all business owners know the next three months will make or break our business year. But this year, the stock market and politicians are making a mockery of planning and confidence. All we can do is to trust in our judgment and ourselves and push forward. Remember, what matters most is your confidence and conviction that you can  make 2011 a great year. Here is some help to give you the jolt you need:


Lets face it, growing our businesses has always been in hearts, minds and hands. If you need new ideas and a pep talk, consider these events. But regardless, make 2011 a great year.


Yours in growth,



Profitable Growth Video:  

Achieving Your Best and Highest Use®     


 Best and Highest Use® is when you look at your company and its impact on your customers. Is it still helping resolve their pain, achieve their opportunities, and succeed as much as it used to? Or despite continuing to deliver more and more are your customers paying you less and less?

Now That's a Great Question!


Every time I hear someone say this to me, I smile. Why? Because a good question:


  1. Proves good listening,
  2. Demonstrates critical thinking, and
  3. Uses humor to soften a pointed probe.


The best questions force your respondents to better understand their condition, reply with honesty, and discover a bit of truth they did not otherwise accept. While the best questions are specific to a discussion with a prospect, client, employee, or vendor, some questions are timeless classics, applicable in any situation.  


Click here for a few of my favorites:  



"Reprinted in Honor of Peter Michael Falk 
(September 16, 1927 - June 23, 2011)" 




eTEQ Summer  If The Economy Is Slowing, Is Your Business Growing? 12 Tactics To Ensure Your Business Does Well During A Slow Economy 

By now, there's no question the U.S. economy is mired in an economic slowdown. While your specific industry may actually be strong, slowdowns are epidemic in nature and have a way of leaking into otherwise solid sectors.


The simple fact is that expectations drive consumer behavior. A mindset of limitations is replacing an attitude of abundance. As a result, people are hedging their own bets and risking less. 


All of this has put business owners in a precarious situation that they haven't witnessed during the roaring '90s. But that doesn't mean your business has to stop growing just because the masses are taking a wait-and-see attitude.



Click here for 12 tactics to help ensure your business doesn't follow the downward trends.  

When To Say When: Tips For Investing In Customer Service In a Slow Economy

When business travelers or leaders need an icebreaker, a surefire subject is to share war stories of inferior customer service. No topic builds rapport faster than that of the inept waiter, the inaccurate reservation or the incompetent returns department. Recently, while participating in such a discussion, I wondered if customer service was so bad during the CustomerServiceboom years, what do we have to look forward to in tighter times? With cutbacks and spending freezes, how does a business leader determine the appropriate investment in customer service? If service is great, should it be scaled back to save money? If service is deficient, will further investment create a competitive advantage?


Obviously, there is no easy answer. But before thinking about how to spend more or less money serving customers, step back and remember the reasons for customer service.  Click here to read more.   


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