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May, 2014

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Dear Clients, Colleagues & Friends,  
One Monday, June 9th at 5:00 PM, I invite you to listen in to VoiceAmerica an internet radio show.  I will be discussing my Run, Fix, Grow and Prepare to Sell process for growing your business.
Then on June 10, 2014, I encourage you to join me for a half-day workshop, Capiltaizing on Utica Shale, A Workshop for Business Owners, where you will learn how to profit from the Utica Shale industry. For more information click here

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In other news my address has changed to Suite 201.  I moved to a better suite in the same building.  

Yours in Growth,
Catalizing on Utica Shale - A Workshop for Business Owners
June 10, 2014 | 9AM-11AM
Keynote Speaker
Place:  Atwood Lake Resort
2650 Lodge Road
Sherrodsville, OH 
Please register by June 5, 2014. 
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How to find a banker who adds value to your business 
As long as capitalism survives in the United States, there will be bankers and business owners. Whatever the stage of the business cycle, one will need the other more. If bankers are lending freely, there's a good chance owners don't need to borrow (and the reverse is true).
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Why your company should avoid venture capital

You need capital for your company to grow, but you may want to reconsider venture capital.

The basic problem with partnering with venture capitalists is that their need to earn quick, big returns conflicts with your goal of building your business. Growing a company's customer base rarely enriches a venture capitalist as much as the next round of investors.
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Sell, Deliver and Develop

If you have started or have run your business for any length of time, surely someone has asked you, "what's your business plan?"  If you have a plan, and whether you like it or not, you certainly have been offered plenty of options for creating a better business plan. But is it a better plan you need or a simple way to insure your business is profitably growing? Today I will show you a very simple way to plan your work and work you plan.
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