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 December 2009
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:: Three Ways To Create Profitable Growth
:: The Road To Unprofitable Growth Is Paved With One Dollar Fajitas
:: TIme To Focus On Predictable, Profitable Growth: Open Letter To Credit Officers
:: Intrapreneur Or Entrepreneur? Should You Stay Or Should You Go?
12Dear Clients, Owners, Colleagues and Friends:

What can we say about these last 12 months?

We cautiously welcomed change but learned of the high price tag that came with it for many small businesses.

Credit lines were severed. Non-paying customers multiplied. Suppliers went bankrupt.

Yes, 2009 was a very forgettable year for many small businesses.

Fortunately, 2010 does not look like it will be a sequel for the following reasons:
  • Despite the jobless rebound, the economy has shown signs of improvement.
  • Holiday spending is up.
  • The stock market seems to be starting to make its rebound.
Let's all hope for improving economic times in 2010 and be willing to endure any cost to maintain our hope. It's a small price to pay for the optimism we need to grow profitably. Happy Holidays and here's to your 2010 Profitable Growth.

Andy Birol, Birol Growth Consulting, Helping Owners Create Profitable Growth
Three Ways To Create Profitable Growth
In the new economy, it's clear the rules have changed for maintaining profitable growth.
Here are three ways to profitable growth: find your footing, maintain your focus and create a new path.  


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The Road To Unprofitable Growth Is Paved With One Dollar Fajitas

One dollar fajitasToday I met an old friend for lunch at Chili's.

We had years of catching up to do.

But not before our caffeinated waitress hawked every feature, pushed every special and described each of her favorites on the menu! First, we ignored. Then we resisted. Ultimately, we succumbed and ordered "her" mushroom steak fajita special. At last, we could share our business/family trials and traumas.

But no! Our waitress burst in to tell us that for a dollar more we could each get a second fajita order, packaged to go no less.

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Time To Focus On Predictable, Profitable Growth: Open Letter To Credit Officers
letterDear Chief Credit Officer:

If your objective is to protect your bank's assets while providing credit to stable companies with positive cash flow, then making good lending decisions right now must be very difficult.

Certainly, your portfolio companies have cut direct costs and overhead to the bone. But how good are these owners at forecasting top line revenues?

These days, most owners aren't sure. After all their cost cutting, a borrower's unpredictable sales revenues could now have a greater impact on your credit risk than controlling his costs. While $1 of overhead reduction means
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Intrapreneur or Entrepreneur? Should You Stay Or Should You Go?

When a company's growth begins to dwindle, boardroom meetings grow strained and the finger pointing starts.

Executives cry out, "We need a new strategy! We need to hire better people! Our culture is to blame! Our compensation is wrong!"

The founder, if he or she is still around, sadly states, "We have more people, resources, and money than ever. But now we are so big we can't even get out of our own way!"

Embarrassed, a politically perceptive staffer serves up a popular buzzword. "Intrapreneurs! What our company needs are Intrapreneurs!"

The "hip" executive explains... Read more.

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The Roundtable Series is a great combination of business growth content, private-peer-only participation and advanced discussion around the key aspects of a business owner's most important survival to success factors without the commitment of the course curriculum.

Course is limited to 20 participants from non-competing industries.   
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