February 18, 2009   Vol. 11, No. 2  

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Recession Proof Your Business
Shoot Your Sales Process
Seek Shelter From Your Storm
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Recession Proof Your Business

Wherever you are in the world reading this, you are exposed to a recessionary financial time that is slowly affecting everyone.

So, what are you going to do?

Let employees go?
Cut back on marketing?
Squeeze your current clients for more money?

Yes, you can do all of this, but is that going to help? What can you specifically do during a recession to grow you business profitability? Not sure?

I can help you realign your company's current course to one of success and business growth. I am dedicated to helping you through these economically challenging times. One of the best ways I can do that is through my business growth consulting services.  

Contact me today and let's get you on the road to business recovery and growth.
~ Andy
Where's Andy?

March 6, 2009, 8 am - Noon
COSE Business Growth Course Part 2
Bratenahl, OH

March 11, 2009, 1:45-2:30 pm
Growing Your Business In A Recession
Presidents' Forum of Orange County, Los Angeles, CA

March 12-14, 2009
Growing Your Business In A Recession and Web 2.0 Tools For Business
IADD Midyear Leadership Conference
Phoenix, AZ

March 26, 2009
Growing Your Business In A Recession
Presidents' Forum of Los Angeles
March 27, 2009
Growing Your Business In A Recession NAWBO
March 31-April 2, 2009
Growing Your Business In A Recession
Catawba COC, Charlotte, NC

Shoot Your Sales Process, Not Your "Sales Idols"

GunmanHave you ever watched the early rounds of American Idol auditions and laugh at all the pretenders Simon and the gang must wade through to pick the real stars? Ugly process isn't it? Does it remind you of trying to find sales stars to sell for your company?

What's Your Poison?
Have you ever screamed, "Why can't I hire good sales reps?" Despite churning their resumes, hiring them slowly and firing them fast, are you still seeking the right match between who says they can sell for your company and the sales your company needs?

Have ever you bitten the bullet and paid too much for your competitor's "sales superstars" only to see them fail, flounder or fly away? Did you pay them a large base and were surprised they couldn't meet quota, build their own book of business or even cover their draw?

Or have you invested heavily to groom your own sales superstars by providing sales training, lead generating marketing and even your personal mentoring, hoping to pick winners and keep them?
Read more.
Seek Shelter From Your Storm: Reach Out To Alliances In Tough Times
As the impact of our economic crisis has deepened and rolled through your business, you may be having your share of dark days. If so it can be especially tough to keep pushing forward. From consoling your employees, staving off your vendors and dogging your late-paying customers, every day can be a challenge. It is not whining to admit that there is palpable fear, great distrust and lack of self-confidence throughout our business world.

So how can you sell new services and products to new prospects who don't even know you or how you do business? One clear ingredient in closing new business is to generate more trust and build confidence with prospects. The more you can help them feel good about themselves, the more likely they are to feel optimistic and confident to take chances and work with you. But beyond your personally selling and guaranteeing your firm's work, how can you build a bigger reputation when money is tight and most prospects' minds are more closed than ever? Here's one easy way.

Reach Me Through Social Media

networkingYou can now connect with me or follow me in several social media sites: Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  

I'm sending out several text messages a day (tweets) through Twitter with links to articles I find interesting and that might interest you as well . If you're already on Twitter follow me. If you don't have account with Twitter yet, consider signing up and follow up.
Book Andy Now For Your 2009 Event 
Deadlinesm Andy still has some availability in the 2009 to schedule your event. Contact him now!
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Help your organization or customers in 2009 with a 30-, 60-, 90-minute or half-day presentation from Business Growth Expert Andy Birol. Andy's most requested topics are
  1. Exploiting Your Best And Highest Use

  2. Keeping The Growth Curve Growing: Finding, Keeping And Growing Customers.

  3. Growing Your Business In Recession - NEW!


Contact Andy now to schedule your event or to discuss offering one of his presentations to your customers.