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February, 2011
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:: Letter from the Editor: Dispair, Hope, Confidence and Conviction
:: 5 Business Lessons Learned on an Inner City Police Ride-Along
:: When Worlds Collide: Profitable vs. Social Entrepreneurism
:: Reactions of an Entrepreneur Facing Despair and Destitution
:: Three Tips to Managing Doctors and All Subcontractors: Lessons Learned from My Daughter's Bedside
Letter From The Editor:   Dispair, Hope, Confidence and Conviction

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Clients:


As a business owner who's prevailed through transitions and challenges, I am always humbled by those who have succeeded far more or with far less. Looking back over my first six months in Western PA, I've seen and learned a lot.  My local clients and participation in Leadership Pittsburgh events in particular, and my return to city life have reinforced how vital, yet challenging, small business really is. Allow me to apply these experiences here to help you in your business:

To your profitable growth!


5 Business Lessons Learned on an Inner City Police Ride-Along.


When Leadership Pittsburgh offered me the chance to witness live police work, I jumped at the chance and chose Pittsburgh's PoliceBadgehighest crime zone on a Saturday night, graveyard shift.  Arriving at midnight just hours after two murders in the precinct was jarring, but the sergeant's calm, terse orders gave me no time to reflect.  After roll call, I was introduced to my officer and we drove off in response to nonstop calls about gunshots, domestic violence, armed intruders, crack-addict beatings, fugitive surveillance and after-hour gang hangouts. Amid the adrenaline, false alarms, driving into forbidding alleys and criminal behaviors, I was struck at the incredible judgment an officer must have just to stay safe and work effectively. Here are 5 lessons I learned that apply to all our businesses.    






When Worlds Collide: Profitable vs. Social Entrepreneurism


In our nation's post-recession, "progressive" economy, I've spoken with many businesses still struggling to adapt to the "new normal." Most owners I work with are more worried more than ever. Why? Because now, credit comes with strings-attached, sales people often cost far more than they sell and while the Internet has changed everything, most owners still describe their social/digital strategy in terms of money spent instead of clear ROI's. 


GiveJarAnd when it comes to reaping the rewards for decades of sacrifice, millions of baby boomers have learned their firms aren't worth much.  But just as passionate in our society are all the voices who take the profitability of small businesses for granted and assert that every firm must pass litmus tests of being clean, green, sustainable, inclusive, local and socially-focused, regardless of whether they are thriving or surviving.  

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Reactions of an Entrepreneur Facing Despair and Destitution

GivingRecently, I had an experience here in Pittsburgh to join several dozen local executives who were divided into a day-long game of coexisting as four cities. Unfortunately, my fellow citizens were given no money, jobs, opportunities, or options to survive.  Simply put, we lived in a ghetto, had had to fend for ourselves and to rely on charity from the richer cities.  Conventionally, our group bonded, organized and negotiated, but to no avail as ultimately we perished from illness and incarceration.

Being on a losing team with no hope was tough, but for an out-of-the-box problem-solver, the experience of losing control over my own survival was crushing. As owners, we assume we can at least provide for ourselves, let alone what society demands of us. If you want to feel this futility for only two hours, just rent "The Pursuit of Happiness" starring Will Smith. As business owners, we take risks based on our confidence to control our destiny. What can we learn from being in the very condition we spend our whole lives avoiding and our taxes and charity trying to fix? Here's what I learned:
Three Tips to Managing Doctors and All Subcontractors: Lessons Learned from My Daughter's Bedside




You may know my daughter has cystic fibrosis. I'm not asking for a donation or sympathy, but instead, that you gain from my experience. I hope you never have a loved one in the hospital, let alone for months. Nonetheless , spending nearly a year in Pittsburgh and Cleveland's finest health facilities have taught me how to manage doctors, and as it turns out, how to manage subcontractors. Here's what working with doctors has taught me:




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Duquesne University Presents Andy Birol's First Full Day Business
Growth Workshop  


It's with pleasure and gratitude to the folks at Small Business Development Center that I will be presenting my very best material to help take your business to the next level. If you are curious to experience my hands-on exercise-rich program, please sign up soon for the April 12th program. I look forward to seeing you there and helping your business thrive.

Building A Strategic Growth Plan:  One Day Workshop
Time 9:00am - 4:00pm

Since planning is critical, how can a smaller business create a simple, workable plan?  Here are five key steps that will be covered.

1.  Define and focus on your best and highest use by understanding what your likes doing and is good at doing.

Validate your best and highest use by learning how and why existing customers buy from you.

3. Focus your firm's internal activities that deliver on and increase your customers' definition of your best and highest use.


4. Develop a single sheet of 3-5 action steps with deadlines, key steps, staff, and resources needed to get the work done.


5. Learn how to lead by your actions to demonstrate your conviction and bias for action.

Encourage all the key leaders in your business to attend this engaging, hands-on workshop.

What's included?

    A light breakfast and lunch

    A free pre and post telephone consultation with Andy Birol, the speaker.

Are you a member of:

-Pittsburgh Technology Council

-Reach Performance

-Enterprise Forum



-Pittsburgh Consultants Association

-Pittsburgh Coach Association

-Eric Werner's C-Level Sewickley Networking Group

If so, register by April 1st and your membership entities you to receive
a free, autographed copy of Andy's latest book, The 5 Catalysts of 7 Figure Growth  

Click here to register.

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