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January, 2013

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Letter From the Editor: Do you need a Kryptonium Medallion moment?
Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends:

While returning from a particularly challenging client engagement, I was sitting in the shuttle bus worn down, when a fellow traveller's bag caught my attention. Attached to her Delta Diamond Medallion tag (I'm merely a Platinum) was a green Delta "Kryptonium" Medallion. tag. My eyes grew wide as I asked her, "What in the world do you need to do to qualify for Kryptonium status as becoming a "Diamond" requires 125 flights a year? Coyly, she responded, "It's very exclusive, there are only 500 of us in the world. You'll have to Google it to learn more; we are not to talk about it." After several failed attempts to get her to spill the beans, she and her companion left me. He snidely turned to me and said, "Good luck with your status envy!" "Hmmm" I thought.

After clearing security, I Googled "Delta Kryptonium Medallion" only to see the following 
and learn I was pranked. The qualifications are 1 million light years and the privileges include unlimited upgrades on intercelestial travel. Along with several other tired road warriors, (who learned why I was laughing so hard and now want a Delta Kryptonium Medallion card of their own) my optimistic outlook returned.

It's so invaluable to break out of our own ruts.

Here's to your achieving Delta Kryptonium Medallion status!

Andy Birol
ExecuStar Entrepreneurial Fellows Program  
"Total Competitiveness 12 Key Processes for a Successful Business"
February 28, 2013, Time TBA
Harrisburg, PA
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First Niagara Risk Management, Inc. 
"Marcellus Business Owner Roundtable Series" 
March 15, 2013, Time 11:45AM 
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First Niagara Risk Management, Inc.  "Marcellus Business Owner Roundtable Series"
May 10, 2013, Time 11:45AM
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The Institute of Entrepreneurial
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  "Best and Highest Use - Creative Strategies for Growth and Profitability"
May 14, 2013, Time 7:30-10:30AM
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Legacy Lessons from Rock Legends


Recently I lived the dream of every rock music fan: For four and a half days my friends and I sailed on the MS Legend Of The Seas alongside 27 classic rock bands who played nonstop on three separate stages. And sailing with 3,400 like-minded baby-boomer fans alongside our rock heroes created an instant community relishing the soundtrack of our lives.  

What did I see, listen and learn from bands whose prime passed 30 years ago? Seeing rock leaders sustain their talents and keep performing for their fans inspired me to consider how business owners can do it too. If you wonder how you can keep on thrilling your next generation of customers, who like, rock fans may not even have been alive when you first got started, here are my five lessons and implications for your business along with some great concert photos courtesy of my friend Vickie Sullivan.

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What if the Far East Ran Marcellus?

What's more frustrating? Trying to devise new products you can introduce to the shale industry or counting all the obstacles you face to grow your business? Do you ever wonder how another culture or society might tackle your opportunity and challenge in the Marcellus Shale? Two recent experiences have me thinking about this. First, I just returned from a month's travel through the world's business shipping channel, the South China Sea, visiting 6 countries and witnessing how China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong are succeeding despite wrestling with big problems. Second, I just saw the anti-Marcellus movie, "Promised Land" which, while entertaining, paints the shale gas industry and its opportunity as absolutely evil and the good people of Pennsylvania as painfully nave.

So I was thinking.....Click here to
Early Results From Your SMC/BGC Manufacturers Confidence Index 


With this January's debut of the MCI, WPA business owners are taking a new and important way to voice their business confidence as well as where they intend to grow their businesses.

Click here for early results.  

The MCI was developed by business growth expert and author Andy Birol and SMC Business Councils to professionally gather analyze and report back on your critical feedback. 


On Profitable Growth Video Series

Sell, Deliver & Develop
If you have started or have run you business for any length of time surely someone has asked you, what's your business plan.
If you have a plan and whether you like it or not you certainly have been offered plenty of options for creating a better business plan.
But is it a better plan you need or a simple way to insure your business is profitably growing? Today I will show you a very simple way to plan your work and work you plan.

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