July 30, 2009   Vol. 11, No. 7  

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Profitable Top Line Growth
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NEW - Rapid Response Retainer.

You and your business are facing conditions no one has seen or predicted before.

  • Customer demands (and receivables) are erratic but ever more costly

  • Your banks cannot run themselves but continue to make irrational demands on your business

  • Your employees are fearful of losing their jobs more than they are eager to hit your business goals

  • And your vendors are demonstrating all of this erratic behavior and losing your confidence in the process

    And ironically, in these times, everyone above as well as your family, peers, and community are looking to you for stability, guidance and direction! Whether you are doing well or hanging on until the recovery hits, do you have catching up to do and no time to wait? Do you need an objective, on-demand small business expert resource to?

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    ~ Andy

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  • Where's Andy?
    August 20, 2009, 7:30 - 9:30 am 
    Grow It Promote It, The Club, Cleveland, OH
    August 21, 2009, 8 am - 12 pm
    Pricing to Maximize Margins & Profits
    Shorby Club, Bratenhal, OH
    October 21, 2009
    COSE SBC Conference
    Cleveland, OH
    January 10-12, 2010
    Shorby Club, Nashville, TN
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    Profitable Top Line Growth

    With over two decades of deep experience in the smaller business marketplace, I've discovered that just a few factors make a dramatic difference between sustained success and anxious survival.
    In order to create and protect financial autonomy, the smaller business' driving factor is attaining Profitable Top Line Growth, primarily by focusing on increasing sales to existing customers. By growing current customers, any business owner, venture capitalist, private equity firm or professional association leader has the roadmap to achieve Profitable Top Line Growth.
    Consequently and in keeping with what I advise my clients, I am focusing all of my highly refined thinking, resources and experience on helping smaller businesses rapidly, and regardless of any economy, achieve Profitable Top Line Growth which creates high value and culminates in a legacy of wealth.

    Next month I will be introducing Profitable Top Line Growth. I'll be walking my own talk. It represents my latest thinking and market's greatest need. Premieres next month. Drop me a line in the mean time.
    Book Andy Now For Your Fall 2009 Event or 2010
    Andy still has some availability in the Fall 2009 to schedule your event. Andy is also scheduling 2010 events too. Contact him now!
    Are you looking for a unique business growth speaker for your 2009 event?
    Help your organization or customers in 2009 with a 30-, 60-, 90-minute or half-day presentation from Business Growth Expert Andy Birol. Andy's most requested topics are
    1. Exploiting Your Best And Highest Use

    2. Keeping The Growth Curve Growing: Finding, Keeping And Growing Customers.

    3. Growing Your Business In Recession - My most requested presentation for 2009!

    Contact Andy now to schedule your event or to discuss offering one of his presentations to your customers.

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