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 July, 2011
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:: Letter from the Editor: Standing up to the Rupert Murdoch's in Your Business
:: Profitable Growth Video: Three Ways to Create Profitable Growth
:: Time Off is No Option: It's Required
:: Advanced Referral Marketing
:: Is Your Sales or Marketing Manager Too Big For His Britches?
Letter From The Editor:   Standing up to the Rupert Murdoch's in Your Business

Dear Colleagues, Clients and Friends: 

As business owners, we know that no one can intimidate us or our firms, right? But if the prime minister of England can be wiretapped while learning of his child's cystic fibrosis, and his entire government can be bullied by a single media company, what  recourse do we have we when we are intimidated?

How do we "Davids" face the "Goliaths" in our businesses? If you face bullies in the form of customers, investors, vendors, or partners, what can you do? When negotiations with bullies become pointless, click here for four logical actions you can take to get out from under their thumbs.

To your profitable growth!


- Andy


Profitable Growth Video:  

Three Ways to Create Profitable Growth  


In the new economy it's clear that the rules have changed. Who are your customers now? What are their new criteria for buying, how can you reach them, and why will they care?

Andy Quoted in the Wall Street  Journal


"Time Off Is No Option: It's Required"   

by Sarah Needlemen


" Meanwhile, keep in mind that vacations can even present serendipitous networking opportunities, says Andy Birol, a small-business consultant in Pittsburgh. "You're around people who also don't have their heads buried down in their work and are equally open to new stimuli," he says. "I've closed business in a hot tub in Bermuda. I've met clients on a train to the Josef Glacier in New Zealand."


To read the complete article click here.



eTEQ Summer  

Advanced Referral Marketing  


If you run a company, lead a sales and marketing team, or sell for a living, you know that referrals are your best source of new business.

◦Nothing beats an introduction from a peer who knows what you offer to a prospect who needs your value now.

◦No matter how strong your sales skills, marketing programs, or products and services, a referral to a qualified prospect most helps you close the sale.

◦If most buyers turn to colleagues they trust for recommendations when making a purchase, who do yours turn to?


Click here to


Is Your Sales or Marketing Manager Too Big For His Britches?  


salesmngr The marketing manager of a client of mine recently told me, "My reps and I already sell everything our customers and prospects will ever buy."

"How about offering your widgets to younger buyers who don't buy through distributors?" I asked.

"I hate younger buyers, and so do my reps," he replied.

Is your firm stifled by your sales/marketing leader's comfort zone?  Click here to find out.




Save The Date




September 20th  Growing Your Business During and After Marcellus  

Time: 8:30 am - 11:30 am
Place: Hilton Garden Inn
Sponsored by: 
Washington County Chamber of Commerce, PA 

For additional information contact Andy Birol.   


October 1st TIE Pittsburgh Boot Camp

Theme: "Entrepreneurs to the Rescue" 
Entrepreneurship is going to turn around the economy through technology, innovation, and job creation. Entrepreneurs are going to lead the way to better days!   Attending Entrepreneurs Base Camp will help you to generate the ideas, strengthen your business plan, and build a network that will bring you success.  Be sure to hold this day aside on your calendar and to register early!
Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Place:  Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 

To register click here.  


October 12th Pittsburgh Coaches Association

Topic: Your First, Second and Third Acts: Making Your Expert Work for You as the Tears Roll On!
Time: Noon to 1pm
Place: Highland Golf Club, Pittsburgh, PA 

For additional information click here



November 4-5 Constant Contact Workshop 

Cleveland and Pittsburgh
Program details to be announced



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