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Introducing Company Conundrums
Conundrum #8: Selling Price
Case Study: Rose Group
12 Tactics To Ensure
Is Your Growth Plan DOA?
BGC Awarded 2008 NEO Success Award
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You're Invited!
June 14-21, 2008


I'm hosting this special experience for a small group of people and I hope you'll participate. I've wanted to do this for a long time and I've been asked many times to consider it. So, here it is--the Get There! Retreat.

This seven-day world-class Caribbean-experience in Puerto Plarta is limited to five business owners and their guests. It is a week of business and personal renewal, exploration and growth that will ultimately impact your bottom line. During the week, you'll have the rare opportunity to examine your business, your passions, your goals; to overcome both obvious and hidden business obstacles; and to emerge with renewed energy and direction for the future of your company. You'll examine why your company is successful and why it is not more successful.

If you're like me, I'm sure there have been times when you wish you had outside candid feedback, insight and support  The Get There! Retreat will provide you with an effective, rapid, provocative approach that will cause you to think and act differently and get bottom line results for your company.

Please read more about the details of Get There! Retreat in this newsletter or
contact me directly if you have questions. 
~ Andy
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Of the more than 1,000 business owners he interviewed over the last 25 years, every one of them asked Andrew Birol the same question: "My business is not like any of the ones you've worked with. How can I grow it to the next level?"
The 5 Catalysts of 7 Figure Growth provides the answers.

Our Price: $15.99
Tax (OH residents): 7% 
S & H: $5.00 U.S./$10.00 International
Where's Andy

March 11, 2008, NEO Success Awards Luncheon

March 20, 2008 North Olmsted Chamber Of Commerce

March 26, 2008 Ohio Business Brokers Association

March 27, 2008 March JAMS meeting

April 2, 2008 Schvitz Nite

April 6-8, 2008 Five Star Speakers & Trainers Conference, Woodlands, TX

April 23, 2008 DFW Five Star Speaker Showcase, Dallas, TX

April 24, 2008 LA Five Star Speaker Showcase, Los Angeles, CA
Where's Andy Next?
Welcome to your Get There E-News with a new look and format. We're updating things and making changes just for you! You can expect more changes in the near future as well.
New items that might interest you include "Company Conundrums & Andy's Antidotes," a case study on Rose Group Marketing and a special offer for the exciting "Get There! Retreat" in Puerto Plarta June 14-21. Also, don't miss the "12 Tactics To Ensure Your Business Does Not Slow Like The Economy" or "Is Your Firm's Growth Plan DOA."
Send me an email and let me know if you like the new look and format.
Introducing Company Conundrums & Andy's Antidotes
- n. (kə-nun'drəm) a paradoxical, insoluble or difficult problem; a dilemma; a business challenge 
Andy's Antidote - n. (ăn'tĭ-dōt') A remedy or other agent used to neutralize or counteract the effects of downward business trends or exploit and levearge new businss opportunities; An agent--Andy Birol--that relieves company conundrums or counteracts negative business challenges.
Ever face an opportunity or difficult company challenge which your conventional business wisdom does not seem to resolve? Read BGC's Company Conundrums & Andy's Antidotes to discover how Andy uses his business growth acumen to help you identify ways to propel your business to the next level.
Read below to see Andy's Antidote regarding selling services and setting prices.
Read three other conundrums and antidotes
Conundrum #8: Your Selling Pricebusinessblocks
Your competitors are undercutting your selling price and you cannot decrease it any further and remain profitable.

Andy's Antidote

Move past selling products and start selling services. You have positioned your company as a product dealer instead of a solutions provider. Sell services and solutions that your customers want and need instead.


Do you have enough confidence in the services you offer to your customer to ask for a higher price than your competitors do? Too often, business owners link their prices to their costs. What something costs a small business is rarely related to what the market will pay.


Price products and services by their value to your customer.

Case Study
BGC Prods Rose Group to Connect Marketers to Results
Challenge: Promotional products companies used to be all about products, but trends in the industry have pushed many firms toward a client services model.
Michael Rose founded his Southlake, TX company in 1997 under the name Logos Professional Embroidery and Digitizing. Rose Group Marketing, as they are now called, knows firsthand what a "big jump" this can be. Read more...
Situation: Specializing initially in embroidery and screen printing, the company was about more than products right from the start. Rose's goal to build "a strong level of trust with clients" laid a foundation that allowed him and his growing staff to expand their repertoire of services over the course of several years. The first five years of business had its extreme ups and downs. Read more...
BGC Solution: With its loyal client base, talented pool of employees and contractors, and unique team approach, Andy believed the firm should brand itself as a new kind of marketing company, one that leverages a client's knowledge and delivers results through something called the Marketing Delivery ChainTM. Read more...
12 Tactics To Ensure Your Business Does Well During A Down Economydowneconomy
By now, there's no question the U.S. economy is mired in an economic slowdown. While your specific industry may actually be strong, slowdowns are epidemic in nature and have a way of leaking into otherwise solid sectors.

The simple fact is that expectations drive consumer behavior. A mindset of limitations is replacing an attitude of abundance. As a result, people are hedging their own bets and risking less.

All of this has put business owners in a precarious situation that they haven't witnessed during the roaring '90s. But that doesn't mean your business has to stop growing just because the masses are taking a wait-and-see attitude.
Here are 12 tactics to help ensure your business doesn't follow the downward trends:
Is Your Firm's Growth Plan DOA?
You and your business have survived many years and now you have the chance to grow to the next level. You have a great business plan, strong people, and enough finance, but much to your dismay, your results are not forthcoming. How could such a great combination of resources and talents not create the winning formula? As you start to question your key players and others on your staff, it becomes clear that they just do not have the conviction to succeed. How can this be? Whether your idea centers on entering a new market, developing a new service or squeezing costs out without cutting heads, you see an opportunity for everyone to win; yet it's clear they don't believe in your idea.

What are the key symptoms of a plan that is dead on arrival?
BGC Awarded 2008 NEO Success Award NEOSuccessAward
Andy Birol of Birol Growth Consulting has received the 2008 NEO Success Award presented by Northeast Ohio's Inside Business Magazine for the third year. Birol's business is consistently recognized as one of Northeastern Ohio's greatest small businesses and he continues to receive accolades for business growth year after year.
Get There! Retreat Puerto Plata Villas
Is your business growing as fast as it can? Or is it stuck in the slow lane-stalled in its tracks? If you are committed to leading your company to greater success, the Get There! Retreat in Puerto Plata is just for you.
This seven-day world-class Caribbean-experience is limited to five business owners, and their guests, who want to:
  • Invigorate growth in their company
  • Drive revenue and gain a competitive advantage
  • Identify their expertise (Best & Highest Use) and how to channel their energy and talent into high-payoff activities
  • Break the mental blocks that keep them from realizing their full entrepreneurial potential
Ideal for established business owners, entrepreneurs and partners who:
  • Prefer face-to-face small group education and coaching sessions
  • Find it easier to work on business away from business
  • Value strategic conversations and feedback from a business growth expert and peers
I'm hosting this special experience for a small group of people and I hope you'll participate. It is a week of business and personal renewal, exploration and growth that will ultimately impact your bottom line. During the week, you'll have the rare opportunity to examine your business, your passions, your goals; to overcome both obvious and hidden business obstacles; and to emerge with renewed energy and direction for the future of your company.

This education experience will be customized to meet your company needs and you'll help drive the knowledge shared based on your own entrepreneurial experience and requests.

Read more about this great offer...
Save Up To 20%
Get There! Business Retreat with Andy Birol June 14-21, 2008, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
Reserve a spot by March 31 and take $1000 off the price.* Current and former BGC customers receive another $1000 off the price.

Contact Andy Birol
440.349.1970 to take advantage of this special offer.
*(The $1000 security deposit still applies.)  
Offer Expires: March 31, 2008