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March 2012

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Enjoy this first edition of my redesigned newsletter "Seizing Profitable Growth" Featuring insights, tips and stories of how you can profitably grow your business; my articles, videos and live opportunities are featured in this new, reader-friendly format. My thanks to Sarah Webber at Constant Contact and Diane Gacom for turning a plan into reality. Please enjoy and give me your feedback and impressions. 

To seizing your growth!

Pittsburgh Technology Council
104.7 News Talk Radio Topic: Is Your Tech Firm a Feature, Benefit or Advantage?
March 24, 2012 - Noon 

RIPE Program Kick-Off for Marcellus Shale - Greene County

Sponsored by: Riverside Center for Innovation - Diversity Business Resource Center
Topic: Growing Your Marcellus Business
April 13, 2012, 9:00AM - Noon
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RIPE Program Kick-Off for Marcellus Shale - Fayette  County
Sponsored by: Riverside Center for Innovation - Diversity Business Resource Center
Topic: Growing Your Marcellus Business
April 18, 2012, 9:00AM - Noon
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Duquesne University  
Topic: Converting Engagement to Profitable Growth
May 9, 2012, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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ExecuStar Entrepreneurial Fellows Program 
Topic: If You Don't Know Where You Are Going, Any Road Will Get You There: Selecting the Route; Moving from Strategic Plan to Operational Plan
July 26, 2012
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Clients, Colleagues and Friends,

RSVP for this Friday's Thank You WPA Party!
This Friday (March 23rd) from 4:30-7 is the big dayI  Please  RSVP here so we can plan the headcount.
Why? I am throwing a thank you party for
Doc4you and everyone who has welcomed me and my family to the 'Burgh. The good cause is you and there are no pitches, promotions or palaver. I'm buying the drinks and "Doc" Dougherty (a great bluesman) will be performing for us. Join nearly 100 of the greatest folks I'm blessed to call my friends for a fun time.
Thanks and see you Friday!


WWWWW: Why Won't Wonderful Websites Work?

ABwebsiteFor the fourth time in 15 years I'm  

revamping my website.  My technology wingman groans, rolling his eyes and thinks, "Here he goes again."


Why does the website that made me so proud a few years ago make me cringe? The reasons jump out at me:


It's too complicated. The messaging isn't clear, the back end doesn't work, it's not SEO-friendly, visitors are down and it's not written in the right language. Length of stays is down, it's not customizable, and, thanks to statistics on Google Analytics,  the website just isn't doing the job.


I ask experts and gurus, "What's your latest thinking on effective websites? What's working?"  The avalanche of ideas and advice I hear only makes things worse.


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Breathing Your Own Exhaust

If it is so wrong to stare at a car crash, then why are they so fascinating? And in these tough times, watching another crooked leader taking the "perp-walk of shame" brings a grin to even the most cordial of us. Leave it to the ever-precise Germans to define this feeling as "schottenfreud" or "the taking of pleasure in the misfortunes of others." The more pompous or self righteous the civil servant, business titan, or do-gooder is, the more the French got it right, saying revenge is a dessert best enjoyed cold.

If schottenfreud is fun from a distance, why is it so painful to watch someone you care about become so impervious to their impact? It's because we care. In my work, I have seen the following examples of owners breathing their own exhaust.

On Profitable Growth
Prioritizing Demands


With all the competing demands on running a business today how can we as business owners stay focused on Profitable Growth?

The American Entrepreneur Presents: Grow to Exit

DavidIwinskiHear Host Dave Iwinski interview Andy Birol and Steve Price who discuss the common challenges of whether and how an owner should choose between growing and exiting his business. This 2 1/2 hour interview is long but chock full of critical  information every business owner needs to think about when making these most important of all decisions. Thanks again to Dave Iwinski of The American Entrepreneur Radio for hosting us. "

Click here to listen to interview.

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