May 7, 2008   Vol. 10, No. 5  

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The Grass May Really Be Greener
Give Your Company A Check-Up!
Exploiting Your Recession
Outlaws Vs. Inmates
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Join me and expert Rob Felber, Felber & Felber Marketing, on May 14, 7:30-9 am at The Club at Key Center for breakfast and a workshop.
Who Is This Workshop For? Business owners, entrepreneurs, business mangers and advisors who want to grow and promote their companies in a more consistent, efficient manner.
That's you!

Sponsored by 850 AM ESPN WKNR and Cleveland's KNR2 AM 1540, it's two experts with more than 36 years of experience, for the price of one.
I'll help you discover how to exploit the marketplace changes and we'll discuss how to ensure your company is selling all that customers will buy, even in the current economy.

Rob will help you identify seven ways to interact with reporters and editors, and explore ways to effectively coordinate marketing and public relations tactics. 
The Club at Key Center is located in the Cleveland Marriott Hotel Downtown. Memorial Plaza Garage (underground parking) is located on St. Clair Ave.
Directions -  216.241.1272
Contact Michelle for more information: 330.963.3664
I hope to see you there!
~ Andy
The Grass May Really Be Greener
The Pros, Cons and Steps of Growing Your Out-of-Town Business

GreenergrassFor years, you have been running your successful business in your local market. You are well known, respected and successful. But will your business stay healthy and growing by staying local? Whether your local market is healthy or not, and regardless of your market saturation within your hometown, there are a lot of good reasons to expand your business outside of your comfort zone.

Consider the following:
  • Your local business is impacted by regional characteristics such as its leadership and major industries. If you are uncomfortable with those impacts, then you should diversify it away from any one single source of regional influence.
Give Your Company A Check-Up!

StethoscopeArmed with Chief Growth Strategist, Andy Birol, at your side, you can ensure that your company is operating on full-throttle and prepared for every economic weather condition possible! Consider Andy's One-Day Company Diagnosis where Andy reviews and researches your company for signs of health and disease.
Andy comes to your company and interviews key executives to gain a better understanding of your history, the products and services your company offers, the challenges and opportunities your company faces, your company's areas of expertise, your company's best and highest use and an account of your company's symptoms as experienced by you and your key players. Andy's review, research and interviews aid in determining the correct diagnosis, a list of potential causes of unwarranted symptoms and joint development with you of an action plan outline. This is the perfect fit for those that want an entry-level, low cost trial of Andy's services and those that don't want to jump into an intense consulting relationship. Contact Andy today for this introductory offer!
Exploiting Your Recession - Finding Opportunities Within Declineopportunity

While downturns come and go, it can be hard to ignore a recession when the media puts in your face every day. So beyond living in complete denial, what's a business owner to do? Why not recognize opportunities that recession can bring to your business?

Here are a few points to ponder:

  • Despite everyone preaching to the contrary, demand for most products does not disappear or decline more than 10%. Demand simply morphs and transforms. Take a good look at what your customers are doing to cut back and recognize the choices they're making and how you can exploit them.

  • Identify what your customers want vs. what they need, as these change during a recession. Strangely, some wants actually grow during a recession as people compensate for sacrifice in the strangest ways.

Outlaws Vs. Inmates - Who's Running Your Sales Efforts?
InmateYou are a smaller company. Maybe you use outside sales reps, or maybe you have your own sales force. But do you have it right?

The question of whether to hire reps or keep a sales staff has become critical for many smaller and mid-sized businesses looking at the growing trend of "Wal-Mart-ization," which eschews outside sales reps in favor of forcing manufacturers to place captive sales staff on-site at all times. Wal-Mart, of course, gets away with this because of its size and the huge contracts it represents for its vendors. (As other businesses follow suit, independent manufacturer's representatives are becoming increasingly vulnerable; unless reps provide key value, why would companies do business through them?)

But what about your company? Consider how well your current strategy is working. Does one of the following symptoms describe your sales efforts? Read more.
Where's Andy

May 14, 2008, Grow It! Promote It! Workshop, Solon, OH
May 15, 2008, Rocky River Chamber's Coffee, Tea & Contacts, Rocky River, OH
May 21, 2008, Owners Conference, Cleveland, OH
May 22, 2008, Vacationland Federal Credit Union Business Owners Roundtable, Sandusky, OH
June 5, 2008, iNetwork2Networth Small Business Power Breakfast & Lunch, New York City, NY
June 11, 2008, 3rd Annual All Portage Country Chamber Luncheon, Streetsboro, OH
June 12, 2008, Family Business Planning Council, Cleveland, OH
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