May 27, 2009   Vol. 11, No. 5  

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Entrepreneurs Managing Stress In The Recession
When Bad Things Happen To Good Owners
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You and your business are facing conditions no one has seen or predicted before.

  • Customer demands (and receivables) are erratic but ever more costly

  • Your banks cannot run themselves but continue to make irrational demands on your business

  • Your employees are fearful of losing their jobs more than they are eager to hit your business goals

  • And your vendors are demonstrating all of this erratic behavior and losing your confidence in the process

    And ironically, in these times, everyone above as well as your family, peers, and community are looking to you for stability, guidance and direction! Whether you are doing well or hanging on until the recovery hits, do you have catching up to do and no time to wait? Do you need an objective, on-demand small business expert resource to?

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    ~ Andy
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    Entrepreneurs Managing Stress In The Recession

    StressBusinessManAmerica is a nation built on the ideas and energy of its entrepreneurs. From John D. Rockefeller to Bill Gates, profound economic and social change has been spurred by entrepreneurial enterprise and tenacity. Central to the American capitalist system is the belief that anyone can succeed with enough hard work and dedication. Entrepreneurs embody that belief.

    The current recession has tested this notion in profound ways. Entrepreneurs are finding that their once tried-and-true approaches toward business are no longer reliable. The impact has been dramatic throughout the country.

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    When Bad Things Happen To Good Owners
    As owners, the label "control freak" often applies to us. Whenever there is a threat to our businesses, it is our money, reputation and basic security that are on the line. Once any business owner has had his or her livelihood threatened, turning gun shy and defensive is just as rational as "fight or flight" is to a pedestrian about to get mugged. But when we see "moving shadows" posing threats to our business, it is often hard to tell if they are stalkers with knives" or just "trees in the wind." How can you tell the difference?

    Stalkers With Knives
    Any time a business owner's core understanding, conviction, or confidence is shaken, a threat is real. You are truly at risk when you:
    • Question the integrity, motives, or morality of a trusted employee, vendor, partner, or customer. You see they just don't know or care about the consequences of their actions.
    • Face a trend in sales, costs, or competition you don't understand. You don't know what you don't know.
    • See a problem that is threatening your business' results, future, or mere survival. You don't see any options or alternatives other than the worst-case scenario.
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    Andy Birol In The News

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    Personal Ties Help Small Business - The Vancouver Sun, May 20, 2009
    How Much Do Your Make - Lawn & Landscape, March 20, 2009
    Adapting Your Prices To The Recession - Lowes For Pros, March 2009
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