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 November 2010
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:: Letter from the Editor: Go Ahead, Try Buying From Us!
:: Profitable Growth Video.Investing in Customers vs. Prospects
:: A Shout Out for Marilyn Landis of Basic Business Concepts
:: Is Your Demand Down or Your Distribution Dying?
Letter From The Editor:  Go Ahead, Try Buying From Us!

As hard as business is, why do some of your suppliers act like they're disgruntled TSA workers giving you a "pat-down" just for trying to do
business with them?  Whether it's your delivery, raw material or purchased services, we've all had vendors who just won't let us:
  • Buy more for a better price
  • Pay faster for a discount
  • Commit longer for a predictable service
How can so many firms still have such big blind spots?  Is there any way your firm is making it too hard to buy from?
  • Can your salespeople easily sell everything your customers need?
  • Will your customer service group resolve all the issues a buyer raises?
  • Do your account managers offer many ways for customers to buy more from you?
In total frustration, we've all just given up and stopped buying from a company.  How can you be sure your customers don't do this to you?  Click here for three ways to ensure no buyer ever gives up on you.

To your profitable growth!

- Andy

Profitable Growth Video:
Investing in Customers vs. Investing in Prospects

How much should you spend on each and why?  Learn three steps of deciding which is right for you.

A Shout Out for Marilyn Landis of Basic Business Concepts:

M LandisLg

"If cash is King then Marilyn Landis,
owner of Basic Business Concepts, Inc.,
must be "Queen." In addition to teaching scores of owners to control their cash
and credit to strengthen their businesses, Marilyn Landis has advised the US government  and  national media on what small business needs.  If her hands-on, down to earth approach to small business cash management could help your business thrive, visit  her website  or connect with her via email.


If it's painful watching another small business struggle as the economy rebounds.  It's torture if it's yours.  Why won't your customers buy from you when they are increasing their spending with others?   When will they realize that imitating your value, products or services "in-house" is penny wise and pound foolish?

The economy may be recovering but not in the same way.  Most of the buyers I've interviewed for my clients are buying again but with new criteria.  Instead of reverting to their old ways they are pursuing total cost of any solution and if they believe they can do it themselves, they will.  So instead of fighting against the tide, why not accommodate your buyers and get them to pay you for doing so? 

Here are three ways CLICK HERE TO

Is Your Demand Down, or Your Distribution Dying?

For many firms, happy days are not here again.  If your sales haven't grown past 2007 levels, it's not useful to keep blaming the recession.  Your service may be great, your sales people proactive, and your marketing on-message, but if you aren't seeing results, something is wrong.  Here are some examples:

  • A mortgage originator survives the market crash only to watch sales trickle back while competitors report double digit increases
  • A search firm transitions to temporary placements to combat the jobless recovery but doesn't grow proportionately as their clients' overall hiring grows.
  • An old-line construction firm's new "green projects group" gets little traction while new firms grow fast.
Why didn't they grow?  What are they missing?  Is their demand down or their distribution dying?  Knowing whether your firm has a demand problem or a distribution problem is critical because the solutions are so different. CLICK HERE to learn more.

So Who Have You Helped in Western PA, Andy?
AndyBirol"Andy consulted for Jamestown Coatings in Jamestown PA from 2007-8 and helped us refocus on new markets and implement a growth succession plan.  Andy's strength is in getting business owners to focus on what they do uniquely well and then position their company in markets who value the company's expertise. 

When we were checking his references, we found that while all of his clients spoke well of his results, some found working with Andy less fun than others.  After working with him for the better part of a year, I know why.  Andy is profoundly honest.  He will tell clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.  Most small business owners are lacking this honest feedback.  Some of the better peer groups or a good board of directors and/or advisors can provide this feedback, but most small business owners don't have these in place.

I can't say that I implemented all of Andy's advice - but most of it was spot on.  And all of it was insightful.  He certainly helped us challenge some of our core assumptions and the way we approach markets now is more effective than before we met Andy.  Since then, our company has increased its profitability and is on a clear path of sustainable growth.

I measure a consultant's value in two ways. 1. Are we a better company after the engagement than prior to it?  In Andy's case, we certainly are. 2. Would I recommend the consultant's work to a colleague?  In Andy's case, that depends on how receptive a business owner would be to constructive criticism.  If you're serious about making the difficult changes necessary to grow your business, then I'd highly recommend Andy."

                                                            - Michael Walton, CEO
                                                                           Jamestown Coatings     

Curious?  Here's how I can help your business:

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