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 October 2009
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:: Ensuring Profitable Growth: The First In The On Profitable Growth Video Series
:: Four Signs Your Gross Margins Are To Blame
:: Profitable Growth By Borrowing Less
:: Adopt Orphan Products Or Services For Profitable Growth
12Dear Clients, Owners, Colleagues and Friends:
If you write off 2009, how can 2010 get any better?

The fourth quarter of this toughest of years has started. But the economy is clearly improving. I'm seeing most businesses optimistically expecting a better 2010. But why wait? Fall is still make or break time for yearly results. If your business is down 33%, could you use the next 3 months to improve it to 25% down? Or could a sprint through the holidays let you approach last year's sales levels?

Remember, now is the time to increase your momentum and roll into a strong 2010. Next year is sure to be your path out of recession and into recovery. Why wait? Get started now. Your Q4 momentum will be a lot easier to maintain in 2010 than to have to start it in the dead of winter.
To your profitable growth,
Andy Birol
Birol Growth Consulting, Helping Owners Create Profitable Growth
On Profitable Growth Video

Check out my first video in a series on how you can create profitable growth.


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Four Signs Your Gross Margins Are To Blame

FingerpointingIf a customer is not profitable, then selling more just like them may not help!
Quite often, decisions to sell to a given group of customers or prospects are made by analyzing the "S" of SG&A (Sales, General and Administrative) on a company's P&L statement. Rarely are the direct costs of creating a product or service broken down by customer segment.
Instead, a go/no go decision is often determined solely on the project's cost of sales. Unfortunately, this implies that the direct cost of creating every customer's purchase is equal and fixed.

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Profitable Growth By Borrowing Less
Is it possible for your businessLoans to create profitable growth without borrowing money?
Most business owners and financial experts say no, but after this Great Recession and tight credit sure to continue, the less your business needs to borrow, the better. So let's look at the following four questions:
A. Why must your business borrow money to grow profitably?
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Adopt Orphan Products Or Services For Profitable Growth
As Paul Simon sings, "One man's ceiling is another man's floor."

One casualty of all the corporate downsizings, bankruptcies and restructurings are customers. Many are now being neglected by their vendors. Suppliers have cut staff, dropped service levels and assigned junior people to key accounts.  

With so many companies focusing on fewer products, services and customers, why not make a home for another company's cast-offs? What a great source of profitable growth for your company!

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