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 October,  2011
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:: Letter from the Editor:
:: Southpointe - Marcellus Shale Chamber Interviews Andy Birol
:: Companies Either Grow or Get Sold
:: Making Money on Marcellus Part 2: "Finding Your Target Markets in the Marcellus Shale"
:: 5 Steps to Refocus During Tough Times
Letter From The Editor: 

Dear Colleagues, Clients and Friends:   12 

After last month's newsletter shared the saga of my family's move out of a flooded and infested apartment, many of you commented on how hard it must be to endure this while nursing a chronically ill child. Thanks, and we are fine. But the truth is, almost every business/family has its own "flooded house" and "ill child."  And we all must control the damage, fight the relapse, stay focused on progress, and above all, stay optimistic and keep laughing.  

This month, I'd like to share with you more of what I've learned on Marcellus, my steps for thriving in tough times and my favorite piece on why companies either grow or get sold.  


Yours in growth,



Southpointe - Marcellus Shale Chamber Interviews Andy Birol

"Listen to Andy share the three most important factors in growing your Marcellus business today." - Interviewed by Don Hodor


Companies Either Grow or Get Sold 


While financial gamers, schemes and scams have enabled many companies to avoid either profitable growth or a sale for years...


... ultimately one of these options is inevitable.


redarrowup ◦A company that is profitably growing is controlled by passionately committed owners and investors.

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Making Money on Marcellus Part 2: "Finding Your Target Markets in the Marcellus Shale" 

"Where is my opportunity in the Marcellus Shale?" I'm hearing that question asked more and more but answered less and less. Where and how do you grow your business if you have neither property to lease, nor services or products to sell to gas drillers? How do you shortcut the 5-10 year's lead-time it's supposed to take for Marcellus region's economy to benefit every business?  Are you willing to take a methodical approach to growing your business through Marcellus?


For property holders, and the fortunate few who can sell to gas drillers, products, services, or transportation, the riches of Marcellus are already flowing. If you can't figure out where your business fits in, the answer may be right under your nose. Curious? Please read on.  

5 Steps to Refocus During Tough Times

AB_standing Whether it's the economy, your family, business, community or society, probably some part of your world has suffered over the last five years. Unfortunately, enough signs show that the next few years will continue to challenge even the luckiest, blessed and oblivious among us.  Even as we strive do right and good, what do we do if: demand for what we sell, access to resources we require, or our energy and drive simply dwindles? 


If you need a pep talk, read on.    

You're invited to the Southpointe - Marcellus Shale Chamber Seminar
Are you ready to fight for your share of the Marcellus Shale gas/oil market?



Don Hodor
will be challenging Author, Andy Birol with some "gloves on" questions for no-nonsense answers on how to create business growth in the Marcellus Shale Industry!




Tired of hearing the same old marketing steps we have all heard before?  In a candid interview, Don Hodor challenges, Andy Birol to give the 'bottom line' on the most efficient steps to penetrating the lucrative Marcellus Shale Gas and Oil Markets.  In this no nonsense round of questions, we draw out the inner secrets and apply them to our own business.  This is not a lecture or power point (drawn out presentation),  but a 'challenge match' of questions, ideas and audience participation.


southpointeWhat:  Marcellus Shale Sales  ( marketing faceoff )
When: October 26, 211  9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Where: California University, Southpointe Campus,
135 Technology Drive, Southpointe (Canonsburg), PA.
Why:  It's time we all move forward and get on the Marcellus Band Wagon!  Bring your tough questions for some revealing answers.

For further information and to register click here.
For event flyer click here.

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