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 September 2010
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:: Letter from the Editor: Fresh Eyes and Fresh Challenges
:: Find Buyers with Courage and Confidence and the Cash Will Follow
:: A Shout Out for Michael Couch
:: If You Can't Be a Financial Mogul, Be an Organic Success
:: Free Webinar Download: 6 Ways to Make Sure Your Sales and Marketing are Working
Letter From The Editor:  Fresh Eyes and Fresh Challenges,

On September 18th, I was interviewed (4th segment) on Ron Morris' American Entrepreneur Radio Show.  "American Entrepreneur Radio Show"  Ron is a Pittsburgh institution and a national voice who delighted in grilling me on my ten ways to profitably grow businesses and at the end, challenged my optimistic view of Pittsburgh.  While my ideas for fixing the convention center may not have impressed Ron, I had a blast defending my new thinking.

What new ideas can we bring to your business?  What new thinking can help you grow profitably?

Why not give me a call (412) 973 2080 and let's kick around your toughest challenge.

To Your Profitable Growth, Andy                 
Profitable Growth Video:
Find Buyers with Courage and Confidence and the Cash Will Follow

Sometimes it seems that this Great Recession has impacted small business randomly. Successful owners stand out from their peers in two ways: By their cash and their courage.  Learn why and what it means to spot and work with profitably growing business owners.

A Shout Out for Michael Couch:

"Never buy anything from someone who doesn't use or do what he sells." If you agree with my mantra, then you should know about Michael Couch.  While many Industrial/Organization Psychologists say they can help corporations with strategy, culture, talent and processes, Michael has a most interesting way of showing how.  Michael Couch & Associates Inc.  www.mcassociatesinc.com helps the consultants who help his clients!   Interested? Learn how Michael does it here.
If You Can't Be a Financial Mogul, Be an Organic Success

Have your plans and years of sacrifice to sell or finance your business just been torpedoed by the recent financial crises?
  • Did you plan to retire only to learn that your business isn't worth enough to support your lifestyle?
  • Is your rollup/acquisition strategy DOA as skittish investors won't finance you buying up competitors, even at bargain basement prices?
  • Have your current investors said not only can't they sell your company, they need to cash out at any price?
  • Are you still shopping a business plan believing in angels?

Don't give up on your dreams or your business altogether. While you were off pursuing buyers and investors for your business, how much opportunity inside your business did you miss?

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Free Webinar Download:
6 Ways to Make Sure Your Sal
and Marketing are

TSAlogoOn September 23, 2010,The TASA Group, Inc., in conjunction with sales and marketing expert Andy Birol of Birol Growth Consulting, presented
a free, one-hour, interactive webinar,
"Did Your Sales & Marketing Dollars Work for You? Six Ways to Tell if You Got Your Money's Worth."

So Who Have You Helped in Pittsburgh Andy?
"Due to the present conditions in the environmental industry, Microseeps (MS) was looking for strategies for improving our sales numbers.  Andy Birol of Birol Growth Consulting was referred to us. After working with Andy for only a few weeks, it was evident to us, that improving sales was dependent on obtaining a better understanding of our client's needs and how we can better serve them. There are numerous areas within our business that we have been able to better define; and, in the process, better serve our existing and future client base.  Andy has become a valued advisor/mentor, a key catalyst and a continuing resource for taking MS to a higher level of growth and profitability."

- Thomas W. Hill, Owner
                            Microseeps, Inc., Harmar Township, PA

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