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 September, 2011
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:: Letter from the Editor:
:: Bill Flanagan Interviews Andy Birol on NBC's "Regions Business"
:: The Seven Commandments of Pricing
:: Making Money on Marcellus: First Lessons Learned
:: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary for W.K. Thomas and Interstate Pipe and Supply
Letter From The Editor: 

Dear Colleagues, Clients and Friends:   12 

Every Fall I see great business owners jolted into making needed changes to refocus their businesses. Perhaps their firms hit a rough patch or their summer was too much fun but now they're missing their 2011 goals by a mile. And then, along comes a defining point, good or bad, which gives an owner just the kick they need to get reenergized. For the Birol's, it was my apartment/home office in Shadyside that flooded with sewerage and scavenging rats in our kitchen. While we were blessed compared to the four who died in the flood, it was a traumatic motivator. After moving both my business and my family out, we have resettled into the new "world headquarters" of Birol Growth Consulting at 941 Penn Ave in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh's theatre district. I'm back in business, and excited as ever to help your business grow and thank you all for your support. Drop me a line or stop by and let's see about making the rest of 2011 a great year.


Yours in growth,



Bill Flanagan Interviews Andy Birol on NBC's "Regions Business"


Andy shares his best advice and client success stories. 



eTEQ Summer    

The 7 Commandments of Pricing 


Elizabeth Taylor, who was one of the world's most desired women, readily admitted the limitations of her good looks. She would say, "After the first thirty seconds, I am on the same level as any other woman." Whether or not anyone else believed that was besides the point. She did. Despite decades of adulation on stage and in front of cameras, she was saying, each exchange is a new opportunity to excel-or fall flat on one's face! 


No matter how long they have been in business or how many big customers they have closed, business owners experience a similar jangling of nerves when they give a price to a customer. This is the moment of decision, after all, when all of the marketing and prospecting and needs assessing converge into a single moment. 


And the spotlight is shining right at your face.


So, you speak your line. You give the price. The tingling anticipation you feel will lift into elation or collapse into a pit in your stomach. It all depends on what the prospect says next.  

Click here for the three scenarios:

Making Money on Marcellus:
First Lessons Learned    



If you own a business in Western PA/Eastern Ohio, the more you learn about the trillion-dollar business opportunity called Marcellus Shale, the more you may wonder how you can best profit from it.  But unless you're selling directly to gas drillers or energy giants, you are probably wondering what to offer, who to approach and how to go to market. As I'm helping my clients and workshop attendees do this, here's the first in a series of lessons I've learned: 
Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary for W.K. Thomas and Interstate Pipe and Supply

As a growth consultant for small businesses, I've enjoyed many opportunities to see how various small businesses function, especially those that have operated for a number of years. In an age of understaffed companies and conflicting and competing demands, most of these companies are so busy helping their customers that they don't take the time to help themselves.


WKThomasThey tend to lose sight of what I call the extraordinary that lies at the heart of the ordinary in their operations-the characteristics that make them special and unique. Two such companies in Butler County are W.K. Thomas and Interstate Pipe and Supply.

The presidents of both companies lacked a formal marketing program and realized that traditional, relationship selling would not get them to where they wanted to be -in the scarce space of marketing and sales in their respective businesses. Now, they are both changing their companies to achieve that.
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Save The Date





October 1st TIE Pittsburgh - Entrepreneurs Base Camp

Theme: "Entrepreneurs to the Rescue"  

Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Place:  Carnegie Mellon University

To register click here.  


October 20th "Live, Rhythm, Jazz & Blues"  

Topic: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!
Time: 5:30 - 8:30 pm
Place: Little E's, Pittsburgh, PA
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November 2nd or 9th    

Topic: Growing Your Manufacturing Business
Sponsor: Alpern Rosenthal
Time and place: Pittsburgh, TBD

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November 15th Constant Contact Engagement Marketing:
Theme: What is it? How do I Do It?

Topic: Customer Engagement and Profitable Growth
Time: 1:30 pm - 4pm
Place: The National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, PA
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