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September 2012

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Letter From the Editor
Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends:

A quick note of thanks for all the great response and comments to the new This month please use it to make your business better. From the provocative GPI results to exciting live events, such as my video for my keynote "Crossing the Consulting Chasm of Death" and the new Marcellus Growth Roundtable to "Venture Capital: Russian Roulette for Your Business," there is terrific value for you and your business. Hoping to see you or hear from you soon.

To your growth!  

Institute of Management Consultants USA (IMC USA) Conference
Orlando, Florida
Keynote Speaker
October 5, 2012
Time: 8:45AM to 9:30AM

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Institute of Management Consultants USA (IMC USA) Conference 
Orlando, Florida
October 5, 2012,
Time: 10:00AM to Noon
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Monroeville Chamber of Commerce 
"Strategies for Doing Business in the Gas Industry"
October 10, 2012, Time: Noon
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First Niagara Risk Management, Inc.
"Marcellus Business Owner Roundtable Series"
October 29, 2012, Time 11:30PM
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Call Me What's Your Growth Potential Indicator (GPI)? First Results:


With the GPI just weeks old, here are some first insights on how business owners score on the five criteria:

  • Best And Highest Use: Owners' average confidence that they are focused on their own BHU is at the 53rd percentile.   
  • Personally Indispensible50% consider themselves personally indispensible while the other 50% say they are not.
  • GPIFocused Business: Nearly two thirds of owners report their businesses are sufficiently focused on the right opportunities.    
  • Alignment: Surprisingly,  owners average a confidence level at the 56th percentile that their businesses are aligned with their own Best and Highest Use.   
  • Demand For Their BHU: Owners are at the 63rd percentile of confidence that the market will continue to demand their firm's Best and Highest Use.    


Curious how you and your business will score? What's your GPI? Take 4 minutes here and now and gain your instant, anonymous and free results.   


 OCTOBER 29, 2012 at 11:30 AM

125 Hillvue Lane, Pittsburgh, PAmarcellus2

Roundtable Description:
The Marcellus Shale business boom is here and you and your business deserve a share of it! If you agree, then join your peer business owners for a special opportunity.

"How to Grow Your Marcellus Business Even if You Don't Know Anything About Drilling Gas!"
Even if you aren't a landowner, can't have a gas well or Consol or EQT on your speed dial, you can still position your business to grow with the Marcellus Boom. Led by Marcellus consultant, author and international growth expert Andy Birol, ( this roundtable will give you the insight and tools to help your business find its
place in the Boom and pathway to grow.

Roundtable Discussion Description
A facilitated peer-to-peer discussion with other business owners and entrepreneurs. You will have the opportunity to interact with peers, an expert moderator and a clearly connected series of component topics in the Marcellus Roundtable Series. The Roundtable Series is a great
combination of business growth content, private-peer-only participation and advanced discussion around the key aspects of how business owners can thrive in the Marcellus Boom.

Roundtable Topics Include:
* How Marcellus can create profitable growth for your business
* Which key target markets are best for your business
* When is the right time to invest in your Marcellus initiative
* The key success factors for profitable, sustained growth
If you are an owner, CEO or leader of a business,join Andy bi-monthly, from 8:00 - 11:30 am at First Niagara Risk Management , Inc. for a roundtable where you will learn how to address these keys and grow your business.

Value to Your Business
* Peer Networking
* Access to Marc & Andy's monthly educational news and bi-monthly educational training
* Monthly individual coaching session with Marc or Andy
* Lunch/Breakfast
* Autographed book by Andy Birol

Hfirstniagra_logoosted by
Marc Casciani, Risk Architect
First Niagara Risk Management


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IMC USA National Conference, GROW


Grow! The Conference for Successful Management Consultants


Date:  October 4-6, 2012
Lake Beuna Vista Palace, Orlando, Florida

Crossing the Consulting Valley of Death: Lessons and Learnings from a Lone Wolf    

Opening Keynote Address presented by Andy Birol.  


IMC_GrowAre you a consultant with more than five years in business? Surprised or elated, do you wonder why your progress and lifestyle hasn't grown in a straight line?  


Come hear Andy share his story of success, decline, and revival over 15 years of small-business consulting. Learn his lessons and catch his contagious spirit of survival as he tells why and how he built, nearly lost, and recaptured his business mojo. Wonder whether and how you can withstand the rocky times and uncertain future of your consulting business? Come hear Andy's practical, motivational, and inspirational story of tough love, impossible challenges and finding your Best and Highest Use®.


Accelerating Your Established Consulting Practice:
Tools, Techniques and Tips

Workshop by Andy Birol  

Preview Andy's Crossing the Chasm Speech Here


Beyond the anecdotes and war stories, accelerating your business and returning it to greater success means accepting and taking the touch steps needed to deal with a changing environment, with you, as the owner, the president and as the product. In this workshop, you will learn how to:


*Refocus your Best and Highest Use® when what's formerly worked stops working amidst declining core markets and emerging new ones.
*Adapt and move your business to a new region, reality, or revenue model.
*Adapt and version your Best and Highest Use to leverage new trends, needs and issues.
*Learn how to rely on yourself even when all the expert advice stops working for you.


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Venture Capital: Russian Roulette for Your Business

roulette Do you feel lucky? Will venture capital make your day? With an improving economy, you know your new business is poised to grow. However, to seize your day, you need more money. Unfortunately, with your firm's earnings history, no banker, investor, or traditional lender is interested. With your friends, family and angel investors already tapped out, venture capitalists could be your best option to get the investment you need. Or, are they?

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Preview Andy's Crossing the Chasm
Speech Here

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